Thursday, November 04, 2004

Entire island of Key West up for sale

Riding my bike this afternoon to the public library, I couldn't help but notice the real estate for-sale signs sprouting up everywhere. It seems like half of Old Town is for sale. It may be true. And once a property sells it is not uncommon for a new for-sale sign to be hung. It's a bit strange to live in a neighborhood and have every other house up for sale.
So many of the buyers and sellers are local realtors, grown rich from commissions from northerners buying a second or third vacation home. It seems everyone has forgotten that it still is a market, and will one day not rise or, dare I say, fall. Someone will be left holding the bag, and I won't be suprised if it's my neighbor that bought a 600 square foot condo for $480,000. What's going to change it?
What changes market direction? Usually it's something that is outside of people's thinking, but here is the short list: Hurricanes, Cuba changes, sky-rocketing wage costs and inflation, tsunami, global warming, polluted waters, reefs in trouble. Either way, I think this current buy-buy-buy mentality is missing the point of island life. So much for the famous Florida Keys bumper sticker "Slow Down This Ain't The Mainland".

From today's Citizen's Voice:

It's sunset in my marina, and the conchs start to sound. That can only mean one thing: the Snow Parasites are back. Are you ready to wait in traffic, lose your seat and wait for hours to eat in your favorite restaurant? After what we have dealt with this last hurricane season, this year is going to be harder than others to let what we work so hard for be taken away for six months.

For the person who asked about the 1993 TV show 'Key West', go to . It's a site about the show with a lot of info. I wish they would put it on a DVD box set.

I was an extra in 'Key West', the TV show. I played a dancer at the strip club.

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Reading this in 2012 frightens me. Are you somehow related to Nostradamus?