Saturday, November 06, 2004

You scratched my anchor!

The Outer Mole has reopened to cruise ships this week and the schedule looks packed. They'll be five arriving on Tuesday to the harbor in Key West. The t-shirt shops are going wild with glee.
That joy, however, isn't being felt by a tug boat operator that pushed a barge into a cruise ship yesterday. The cruise ship was docked as the tug lost control of the barge and cut a 10 foot gash in the port side of the steamer. Fortunately, it was above the water line. I don't think the buffet was affected.

Some anglers who have been out on the flats doing some Key West fishing have been hooking into one of autumn's great fish, the permit. These beautiful silver fish forage the shallows, routing out crabs and shrimp from the turtle grass. Hooking into one of these is no easy task. The permit seems to sense when your looking for it, and quickly moves away. Stealthy approaches and perfect casts need to mixed in with some good fortune.

And in today's local paper, from the Citizen's Voice:

Don't you think it's kind of funny that if you call up for a cab, they show up faster than the police?

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