Friday, November 05, 2004

Jimmy Buffett plays Key West

Once again Jimmy Buffett played a concert in Key West and I didn't see it, thus, continuing my lifetime streak of never seeing the man. It's the Parrothead Convention this weekend: the annual migration of 3000 of Jimmy Buffett's most loyal fans. They are a colorful group with a drunken devotion to the man they believe exemplifies the island-dropout lifestyle. They yearn for the "simple life", and rebel against consumerism by buying tropical prints. I'm not so much a big fan of Buffett, but more like an islander starved for Big-Time entertainment. Big acts don't bother coming to Key West because of the small crowds and remote location. Buffett reportedly played for nearly two hours sending the devoted into nirvana.

A cold front arrived on the island this afternoon and brought with it some welcomed cooler temperatures. Tomorrow will be a great time for Key West kayaking. If I paddle, I'll report the trip here at

And in today's Citizen's Voice from our local paper:

I'm a cab driver and I was just wondering why the Bone Island Shuttle cut me off today to pick up someone on Smathers Beach that wasn't on his regular scheduled stop. He almost caused me to have a severe wreck.

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