Sunday, November 21, 2004

Things to do in Key West Florida

So often I am asked about things to do in Key West Florida. Being an island closer to Cuba than Florida mainland, Key West has it's own unique culture, recreation, and community.
Certainly fishing in Key West is at the top of many people's activity list. Flats fishing, deep sea fishing, and reef fishing in the island chain is incredible. Just the other day, while fishing with one of Key West's better flats guides and a good friend, we were amazed by the huge Permit working the turtle grass shallows in search of a crab dinner. Despite our best efforts, crouching and whispering as we poled in closer, the fish became aware of our presence and moved away.
It was frustrating, but being surrounded by the beauty of a Key West sunset, the water changing colors with the sky, it was hard to wish for things any different.

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vandamonium said...

I watch the bar cam from the Hogsbreath or Hogshead? bar. Seems to be a pretty hoppin' spot.