Monday, November 08, 2004

Skip & Go Naked

Found a great bar that no one knows about. It's on the other side of Key West from me, about a four mile drive. Hidden in the back of a local timeshare, right on the docks, is pavillion with two walls. The rest is open to the docks it faces. The name is something like Mambos, or Gumbo, or may it was Mumbo and the timeshare is Coconut Mallory.
My old crowd was there and everyone was enjoying it. Fishing captains told dubious stories, pool and poker were boldly challenged, and the drinks were cheap and plentiful. A friend brought a cooler of her favorite party drink, the Skip & Go-Naked. Here is the recipe, if my memory (still a bit foggy) serves me:
  • 1 large bottle of the cheapest vodka you can find
  • 1 case of Old Milwalkee Beer
  • 1 can of frozen juice concentrate
I'm ashamed to say that it tastes better than it reads.
And now, from the local paper, today's selected comment from the Citizen's Voice:
"There is a city commissioner who is also the attorney for Historic Tours of America? This is an egregious conflict of interest. I will be calling the FBI as soon as I get home this afternoon. It is time for an honest government in Key West and Monroe County that represents everyone, not just the special interests.?

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