Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sun is shining...the weather is sweet.

Oh what a splendid day. After seeing the weather channel for the rest of the country (read: cold!) I've woken with an appreciation of Key West's perfect weather. Today is seventy five degrees heading to eighty with a nice breeze from the North. We have opened up all of the french doors and windows to let the freshly mopped floors dry. Outside, the overgrown tropical foliage shades the house and paints the sky with a hundred shades of green. The orchids seem happy dappled in sunlight.

From today's local press, a selection from The Citizen's Voice (our local rant):

"Gas has come down at most stations in Key Largo 2 to 3 cents a gallon, yet Key
West has gone up 7 to 19 cents a gallon. What is up with that?"

"I rode my boat where Houseboat Row used to be on South Roosevelt Blvd and I was stunned at how crystal clear and beautiful the water is there. It's all because the derelict boats had to leave."
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